New year, Old Movies

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Happy New Year (unless of course you are looking and hoping for a job or play the markets or just about have to do anything ordinary).Something or the other is bound to screw everyone this year…either the economy, or a bullet…or maybe expect a collective screw if there’s a war.

Gas(Petrol) prices coming down though…marnewale ko gangajal?


Have you seen Ghajini? If you haven’t, its not really worth it anyway.

Now one mistake I made was that I went for it keeping Memento in mind. 10 minutes into the movie and I had convinced myself not to compare it to memento. 15 minutes, and I was watching it without any presumptions.

But its a disappointment anyway. I guess the core of the movie revolved around a man with short term memory loss who is out to avenge his girlfriend;s murder. The avenge part is all that the movie is about. The condition as such….it just serves as another prop in the movie. 

Comparing it to Memento…there is nothing to compare really. Except the tattoos on Aamir’s chest, there is nothing similar. Ghajini is like a tremendously watered-down version of the original Nolan flick. There’s no complexity…and there are no great moments like the one in which Carrie-Ann Moss hides all the pens and then abuses Pearce and goes out…and returns 10 minutes later to find him clueless again. Or the “Why am I running? Am i chasing him or is he chasing me”  scene with Dodd.  After the great TZP, I was expecting a bit too much from Aamir Khan I guess.

If you can, check out The Good, The Bad and The Ugly….amazing movie.

Downloaded On the Waterfront today…1954 flick with Marlon Brando. B&W bliss!


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Shitty Reality TV

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Whats with the reality tv shows? No, really whats wrong with the ppl who make them? Just watch one episode of the  most popular of thm-sa re ga ma and one more that airs on some other channel. The dumb dramatics, overly emotional participants crying after each commercial, the pseudo-sentimenatlism….what the fuck is all that crap for? Why cant they just sing and dance and shut up? 

And the judges are a different story altogether. Each one of trying to come up with something bright and smart to say in their turn….and just listen to the stuff they come up with. I wonder why isn’t all that just edited out. Dumbness really. 

And the participants…agreed they sing really well….but why do they have to whine and say things like ‘my dad never wanted me to sing *sniff* I wish he would see me here today and change his mind *sob*sob*”  or the usual favorite..”I miss my mom”  Fuck u all man! I wonder what kind of people cast their votes after watching made-up shit like this. Damn…

Dont miss the kiddy versions of these shows…and listen to the words they put in the mouths of 10-year olds…it sounds amazingly annnoying when its supposed to sound ‘cute’. Lol…

Drunk and goin home

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Ever been stone drunk and got a call from mom to haul ur ass home? It happened today. IF I could put the amount of effort I did today to appear clean into studying, I could top this fucking engineering shit im doin. Was great fun though. Now to lay down and dream!

role change

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hi…visit for my stories n stuff. This is the place for total randomness…i cant tell u wat u shud expect 😛

Back to the void

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Voidism again! Loved that name… 🙂 and a new header too…gotta love neon 😛